Wooden Box With Strings/Giraffe Quartet & Duets

John Encarnacao

I have brought two recording projects to fruition in 2020, one a new album in my singer-songwriter guise (Warmer - Wooden Box With Strings), the other an album of improvisations with Jon Drummond, Holly Harrison and Brendan Smyly (Giraffe Quartet & Duets). I'll discuss the creative and production processes of both.

John Encarnacao

Warmer – “Fishes Swim and Corals Grow” (John Encarnacao)

From the album Wooden Box With Strings (Half a Cow, 2020)

John Encarnacao – “Enigmatic Foe” (Jon Drummond, John Encarnacao, Holly Harrison, Brendan Smyly)

From the forthcoming album Giraffe Quartet and Duets (Psychopyjama, 2021)
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