Lunchtime Concert

Bruce Crossman

That Knife, That Witch (narrator, piano, bass)

Bruce Crossman, Waldo Garrido, and Evan Yanna Muru.

This freeform improvisation is sparked by the narrative sense of meditative space and drama in Aboriginal storyteller Evan Yanna Muru’s dreamtime spiritual narratives of place, which pianist Bruce Crossman and bassist Waldo Garrido respond to with meditative-to-explosive dialogues, drawing on Chilean Mapuche rhythms and momentary Asian-Pacific living colours.

© Bruce Crossman, Waldo Garrido, Bruce Crossman, Evan Yanna Muru, Sydney 2019

That Knife, That Witch photos

Garrido-Crossman with Muru (Waldo Garrido [bass, percussion], Bruce Crossman [piano], & Evan Yanna Muru [narrator]) Sound engineer: Alexander Frendo; mixing engineer: Mitchell Hart; Date of session: 14 June 2019, Live Space, Recording Studio, Penrith Campus, Western Sydney University

Heaven-to-Earth Inspiration 1: Gugak Performers & Australian Composers

Waterways: Joe Tabua (electric guitar) & Yoon Ha-young (gayageum); duration: 10.12

Breath: Jessica Irish (violin) & Park Si-hyun (haegeum); duration: 5.07

Yoon Ha-young (gayageum) Park Si-hyun (haegeum) are postgraduate performers at The Department of Korean Music, College of Music, Seoul National University—Korea’s leading university—studying under Professor Yi Ji-young and Professor Sngkn Kim, respectively. Joseph Tabua’s sound world embodies large slabs of colours that juxtapose indie rock influences with Fijian and Australian heritage intertwined and Jessica Arlo Irish is a performer, composer and multi-instrumentalist with international recognition including: Winner of the UK International Songwriting Contest 2017 for ‘Secrets’ Music Video.

Tabua photos Irish-Park photos